Criminal Minds Beyond Borders S01E11Legenda Pt-Br HDTV

I do not need to go on about how the show is – you contributors with your excellent analysis have all shed light on various aspects of the show. The three main things which I like are 1) the way they deal with violence and gore 2) the way each team member has its own special talents and use them to piece a part of the big crime puzzle 3) The way they look out for each other and act as one cohesive unit. I don’t know why this show has not received the media attention ,

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Data do Episódio: 2014

Duração: 40 Min
Qualidade: AVI
Qualidade Áudio: 10
Qualidade Vídeo: 10
Formato: MP4 +
Tamanho: 145 Mb + 350 Mb

Idioma: Inglês (Baixar Legenda)

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limelight, reviews and attention it deserves. I mean there are no outtakes, no behind the scenes, bloopers, nothing (zilch). Maybe it is because of money problems that the show keeps running into time and again, as pointed out by other contributors. But the reason the show gets renewed season after season every year is a testament to its substance and the talent of its cast.This show deserves more, even more than shows like Castle, Mentalist CSI and all that jazz.Shout to all the cast members. God bless you guys.

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